August 2014



TALKING ABOUT BORDERS is an International Drama Competition for Eastern Europe from side of the State Theatre in Nuremberg, a theatre and literature project inviting playwrights to look into the subject of „the attitude towards life in times of (political) changes“.

This project is organized by the German State Theatre of Nuremberg (Staatstheater Nürnberg) in collaboration with the Armenian Ministry of Culture, HIGH FEST – the Armenian International Performing Arts Festival, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Eriwan and project initiator Dr. Christian Papke as artistic representative of the drama competition.

The drama competition was established 2005 based on the idea to further mutual knowledge and communication among the people in Eastern Europe and the German speaking countries by stressing contemporary cultural achievements. The project is an invitation to an exchange of views, to a dialogue and can also be seen as a meeting point of ideas.

2014 this invitation is extended to all Armenian writers.

The organizers hope that a large number of playwrights of great literary and linguistic merit will take part in the competition as in the other nine countries last years to give an impressive overall picture of the intensity of creative and artistic life in Armenia 2014.

There is no participation fee. Also newcomers are encouraged submit her or his play.


Earlier this year:

h1. Big success of the world premiere of Ukrainians winning play “Detalization” by Dmytro Ternovyi at the National Theatre of Karlsruhe


June 6, 2014


One of our latest winners – Basa Janikashvili

03.02.2014 Tblisi, Ministry of Culture

And the winner is… First prize: Basa Janikashvili with “Angry Bird”. First prize: Data Tavadze with “War Mother”. Third prize: Lasha Bugdadze with “26 of May”. There is no second prize.

03.02.2014 Tblisi, Ministry of Culture

Finally, in the middle of the night, only a few hours before the press conference started, the jury took its decision…

02.02.2014 Tblisi. Jury Members Klaus Kusenberg is being interviewed by the Georgian television.

Second day of the jury meeting of the International Drama Competition Talking About Borders – the jury discusses the 8 plays on the short list to define the 3 winners. The decision is not easy.

01.02.2014 Tbilsi. From left to right: Jury Members Peter Spuhler, Klaus Kusenberg, Dorotty Szalma, George Kajrashvili

1st day of the jury meeting of the International Drama Competition Talking About Borders – wonderful new plays have been discussed, 8 are now on out shortlist.